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    Vans: More than just a Skater Brand

    Fun and casual Vans - everybody loves them and everybody's wearing them. Instantly recognisable, Vans footwear is comfy, stylish and keeps up with all the latest fashion trends. Paul van Doren dropped out of school to start the brand at age fourteen. In the 60s, together with his brother James Van Doren, he opened the original Vans shop: The Van Doren Rubber Company. It was back in the 70s they made the very first pair of slip-on shoes that everyone knows and wears today. Anyone can wear Vans, but their strong ties to the skateboarding community give the brand a distinctive low-key cool. Their unique and iconic checkerboard design is still a best seller. Contemporary ranges now include all the colours of the rainbow, including bold shades like red and maroon as well as more subtle shades like grey or light yellow - so you can find your perfect match.

    Stay fresh with Vans items

    Vans are all about casual comfort, modern styling and being a timeless, classic brand. As well as the definitive checkerboard pattern on both slip-on and lace-up shoes, you've also got everything from the vintage Old Skool range up to the Marvel collection, which features bold Superhero print. Other items in the range include activewear like hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, T-shirts, leggings and pants. For ladies, the popular and super casual Twofer dress (a cross between an over-sized t-shirt and a short dress) is very popular and on-trend. For seasonal wear, hoodie jackets are a great addition to your wardrobe. These are all on offer on the Foot Locker online shop, in sizes from small to XXL and in a variety of colours. There are basics like black, white and grey, bold and pastel colours, floral prints, plain separates and designs featuring the iconic Vans logo.

    What is Vans Style

    The Vans mood is fresh and sporty, and it comes in a range of casual everyday items that will become staples of your wardrobe. This brand will make sure you always have the perfect T-shirt to hand, and if the weather turns cold, choose from a range of soft, warm hoodies in tough fabrics that last. For colder weather, opt for one of the plain, quilted or padded jackets or hoodie jackets. Mix and match with plains and colours and turn basic items into a style statement. The right footwear is so important! The perfect pair of sneakers can really define your look. Choose a pair in a standout colour and build an outfit around it, or try a classic black and white pair that will go with anything. Vans are great shoes to wear with jeans or you can even pair them with casual skirts for the ultimate in chic, everyday comfort.

    Vans at Foot Locker

    The Foot Locker online shop offers all the well-loved brands and all the sneaker types you could need: authentic, hi-top, platform, UA authentic, classic, SK8 hi-top and Half Cab Retro Block sneakers among many more. No matter which footwear brand or style you choose, you can be sure that each and every pair has been carefully constructed with comfort and style in mind. Vans is one of Foot Lockers prime brands, and these shoes can be perfect for school or the weekend. Pack them in for a beach trip or for those evenings at the bar when you want to just chill. The wide range of styles let you choose a pair that suits your personality - whether you love black and white combos, hi-tops or even cartoon prints.