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    UGG: Behind the Brand

    UGG is a world-famous Australian company with a wide international reach. Quick fact: the distinctive UGG name may have been derived from the 'Fug' boots worn by Australian pilots in World War I. It was in 2008 that they opened stores in London to give young women and men in the UK a real taste of their products first-hand. In spite of their humble roots, you will find their name in upscale boutiques in the UK cities and overseas. Without the finest sheepskin, superior leather and suede, there are no UGGs. Treasured for their extreme level of comfort while staying light, UGG footwear will encase your feet in cosy warmth from the moment you try it on.

    Boots and More

    While the company is best known for downy winter boots, there are other items they specialise in. Regardless of how you pronounce it (is it "ugh", "yug", or "ug"?), UGG's fashionable clothes and shoe products will fit perfectly into your everyday life and wardrobe. Try their ankle boots, chilled but stylish loungewear, fluffy loafers, flats, chukkas and slippers. Sheepskin and fine leather are used throughout their extensive line of products, so you can be sure that these trendy, luxury boots will last you for years to come.

    A Casual Look for the Style-Conscious

    UGG targets consumers who want a stylish, luxury look, backed up with high-quality, made-to-last materials. The brand has a huge following for good reasons. From the runway to the red carpet, to the ski slope and city streets, their style statement isn't going anywhere soon. UGG makes a version of their famous boots to fit everyone, men and women, as well as tiny adorable boots for babies. With their cutting-edge, bold shoes, UGG surprises with the range of their designs. The brand has plenty to offer you, whether you're a cool kid, athleisure fan or fashion-forward woman.

    UGGs at Foot Locker

    Kick-start your winter in style with warm and cosy UGGs. For the widest selection of footwear and apparel, come to Foot Locker. Our collections feature only the best choices with categories for men, women and kids. Peek into our shelves that are fully stocked with the newest trends. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question about UGG products or the ordering process.