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    The Nike Ryz 365: Two Shoes in One

    One of the big sneaker trends in recent times has been the 'dad shoe:' designs that look back to the chunky trainers of the 1990s. The Nike Ryz takes its inspiration from the Nike Tekno, a runner for men that's as chunky as they come. But it moves the conversation forward with some bold new ideas that are sure to be talked about.

    What is the Nike Ryz for Exactly?

    The Nike Ryz 365 is a running shoe for women, designed to cushion your feet as you pound the pavement and to give plenty of energy return on each footfall thanks to its huge, squishy foam sole. But with its snappy two or three-tone colourways, its embroidered Swoosh and its tall suede heel tab, there's no denying it's also quite a looker, great if you want to cause a stir at the gym or add a sporty edge to your casual combos.

    The Nike Ryz: a Shoe of Two Halves

    Behind the Nike Ryz 365's futuristic look is an Asian influence which offers a subtle nod to traditional Japanese sandals. Soft and moccasin-like, the uppers are essentially a separate piece resting on a thick foam midsole full of geometric zigs and zags. This separation is underlined by two dramatic cutaway sections that are punched through beneath the arch of the foot, making this shoe a bold and distinctive fashion statement.

    Styling the Nike Ryz

    The Asian vibe of the Nike Ryz is picked up in the sports giant's own publicity shots, which feature loose, Eastern-style silhouettes. Whether it's flowy, wrap-style tops or oversized windbreakers, Asian fashion is having a big influence on the high street and on athleisure wear in particular, so maybe this is the time for you to experiment with a bit of Asian fusion in your wardrobe. But make no mistake, you can always rock the Nike Ryz 365 in a pair of blue jeans or leggings too.

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