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    The Nike NBA collection: dressed like the stars

    Welcome to the NBA! The biggest and strongest professional basketball league in the world is a playground for the finest players and guarantees the most thrilling and attractive games in the sport. The North American league has influenced basketball style and outfits all over the world. And a trailblazer and key player here is the Nike NBA collection. For fans and athletes, the range is a journey into the glorious history of the sport and a treasure trove of the best equipment ever. Footlocker stocks Nike basketball socks, jerseys, stylish shorts and plenty more.

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    Nike and basketball: a perfect marriage

    Nike has been the official outfitter for the NBA since 2017. The company from the state of Oregon has earned this honour like no other sporting manufacturer. Nike NBA jerseys, shorts, shoes and accessories are inextricably associated with the basketball court. Just remember Michael Jordan, perhaps the most outstanding basketball player of all time. The Air Jordan with the silhouette of the "Jumpman" revolutionised the sports shoe industry and helped Nike hit the big time as one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that basketball is where Nike is truly at home. The cult company designs trendsetting outfits for every season. In the Nike NBA collection, they demonstrate just how perfectly function and design can be combined.

    Swingman or Authentic – you’ll be there!

    30 teams are divided equally between the Western and Eastern Conference to compete for the championship title in each NBA season. After 82 regular games, the champions are decided in the play offs. The success of American basketball is based on the success of the material. And Nike has made a crucial contribution to this success. At Footlocker, you will find the best outfits from the 235 items presented in the 2018 collection. The Nike NBA jerseys are offered in Swingman or Authentic style. For clarification: Swingman is manufactured from mesh, with the letters and logos sewn on. The Authentic range is made from Dri-FIT technical material and has sewn-on logos and letters as well as a neatly embroidered NBA logo. The Authentic jerseys are 100 percent identical to those worn by the NBA pros on court. So, these outfits from the Nike NBA collection are more expensive – but isn’t wearing the authentic strip a great tribute to your team and to your favourite player?

    Basketball socks: no detail is neglected

    Good basketball socks are hard-wearing and well-fitting while still guaranteeing full freedom of movement. They wick away perspiration and are breathable and easy to clean. Nike basketball socks fulfil these criteria one hundred percent. In combination with Nike basketball shoes, the great grip and stable footing will bring out your best playing qualities. Footlocker has the NBA Elite Quick Crew socks from Nike in its range; some of the best unisex footwear for the court, with a flexible, stabilising fabric on the forefoot and, of course, the embroidered original NBA logo.

    Nike basketball shorts add the perfect finish to your NBA outfit

    No perfect basketball outfit is complete without some high quality basketball shorts. Once again, the Nike NBA collection presents the best of the best. The classic shorts have a casual, knee-length fit, they can be adjusted at the waist to fit you perfectly and they are breathable. The design and elasticity of the material give you the greatest possible range of motion on the playing field. Footlocker stocks Nike basketball shorts in Authentic style: Dri-FIT technical material, as in the original, just like your favourite players will be wearing this NBA season. For example, the Cleveland Cavaliers in red with black edging and yellow CAVS logo. Welcome to the NBA!