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    The FILA Disruptor - striking yet delicate

    The Winter Olympics may be over, but when fashionistas see these gold medals, FILA will have them in their sight. The latest update to the popular Disruptor 2 is available in a radiant gold shade, thus earning first place on the podium. The shoe also stands out in the other colour variations, surfing on the wave of the Dad’s Shoes trend.

    A statement on your feet

    The FILA sneaker comes with an aggressively notched rubber outsole. They are almost reminiscent of shark teeth, but their pleasant symmetry complements the look of the entire shoe. The FILA Disruptor is chunky, yet a lightweight design softens its striking appearance somewhat. Comfort is provided by a padded tongue and ankle collar, together with a removable insole for support and padding. FILA is one of the world’s largest sportswear brands, having achieved cult status after a period of popularity among tennis heroes and hip-hop stars. With the Disruptor, the company is once again going back to its beginnings, rereleasing what was once especially popular, updated yet again. The shoes were and are true statements - like the FILA Disruptor. The FILA shoe is a favourite of the 90s, with an artificial upper that sits on an extra coarse rubber sole that speaks for itself: Nostalgic style and kickback vibrations, comfortable, durable, and good-looking, this sports shoe gives an old favourite a new twist.

    FILA Disruptor in numerous colourations

    The Disruptor shoes are available in several colours. White is the classic, where everything blends tone-in-tone. These correspond best to the 90s style and are reminiscent of tennis players with these shoes on their feet, or a cool rapper defending the ghetto image of his hood with the sneakers and tuned raps. The models are also available in light nuances, giving them a pastel touch. One eye-catcher is the version in the golden metallic look. The upper is overhauled in a rich, metallic gold tone and has a complementary colouring on the laces, the heel, and the interior. The embroidered logo of FILA, in the traditional navy blue and red iteration, sits on the side, heel, and tongue, with the tonal stitching completing the look. The entire unit is placed on the iconic, bulky, serrated sole with the FILA logo embossed on the side. We like to focus on subtle contrasts, emphasising the individual curved areas of the sneakers even more. The shoe may look chunky, but also has a very pleasant and modern style.