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    The Converse x by Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus is not only one of the biggest pop stars of our generation but also budding fashion scene star, at the latest since her collaboration with Converse. According to Miley, it’s not just about fresh, trendy designs for her but also about a certain philosophy, which the Miley Cyrus Converse collection embodies perfectly from heel to toe.

    For anyone - independent of gender or age.

    The Miley Cyrus & Converse collaboration stands for a cosmopolitan outlook, just the right level of self-confidence and the unique finishing touch that only the most carefully considered accessories can add to an outfit that reflects more than “just” a combination of matching pieces. It is therefore hardly surprising that it is above all Miley who wants to make a clear statement with her own collection. Converse, which has always been an iconic fashion brand that is worn by all sorts of people of any age, regardless of income, status or skin colour, are providing Miley with the perfect platform for communicating her philosophy to men and women.

    The Miley Cyrus Converse shoes cleverly pick up on this fact and embody the style that has already turned Miley into a world star of almost unparalleled fame for many years. Converse x Miley Cyrus pieces also feature the typical characteristics that are also constantly associated with Miley’s public appearances and music performances. She herself says that her personal style, her experiences and also her persona as a world star have had a major influence on the design in order to create truly unique Converse x Miley Cyrus shoes that are characterised by numerous little details and the odd visual exclamation mark.

    Miley herself also says that her decision to collaborate with Converse was the obvious choice. After all, the brand is not only popular people from a wide range of completely different cultures and social backgrounds but, on the one hand, Converse shoes are considered high quality yet on the other also nevertheless affordable.

    Miley’s shoes are now available online and also in Foot Locker stores.

    Since the beginning of May 2018, you can now by the trendy pieces directly from Foot Locker - either conveniently online or simply from your nearest local Foot Locker store! The Miley Cyrus Converse shoes impress with the typical Converse comfort, slightly higher tops (depending on the model) and numerous decorative elements, mainly on the soles and the back. They ensure that the results of the Miley Cyrus & Converse collaboration are definitely eye-catching and make them one of the major trends of the coming summer.

    The collection also features other items of clothing such as trousers, sports bras or tops, for example. Of course, it’s up to you what you wear the shoes with; you can dress yourself from head to toe in a “Miley” outfit, or wear them separately as a clever accent piece. After all, that’s at the heart of the “Miley philosophy”; she wants to reach everyone with her shoes and designs, regardless of their gender or culture.